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Here  at  BelleAmore,  we  pride  ourselves  on  providing  each  client  with  healthy  hair  regimens  and  service  to  gain  the  desired  results  and  reach  obtainable  hair  and  beauty  goals.

About Me

“Through the Murky waters she bloomed pure and untainted. Like the Lotus, she is BeLLe.”

Like many before her, Jameela started her journey as a stylist watching her mother braid hair in the living room of her upstate New York Duplex. Later, Jameela followed those footsteps to the front porch, braiding friends hair after school and eventually worked as a shampoo assistant in her step-moms salon located in Roswell,Ga. Little did she know at the time, she was engaged in a culture so strong that it resonated through all 50 states and had roots linked to the West Indies, Mama Africa and everywhere in between. The culture touches the lives and stimulates the mind, body and hands of brown girls throughout the world.  

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