About Me

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Hi, I'm Jameela

Like many before her, Jameela started her journey as a stylist watching her mother braid hair in the living room of her upstate New York Duplex. Later, Jameela followed those footsteps to the front porch, braiding friends hair after school and eventually worked as a shampoo assistant in her step-moms salon located in Roswell,Ga. Little did she know at the time, she was engaged in a culture so strong that it resonated through all 50 states and had roots linked to the West Indies, Mama Africa and everywhere in between. The culture touches the lives and stimulates the mind, body and hands of brown girls throughout the world.  

Jameela prides herself on sticking to the foundation and creating a relaxing atmosphere for natural women of all walks of life to come and freely unwind and express themselves without judgment or mask. This environment all provides a wonderful service and a better understanding of our individual kinks, coils and curls.

With 8 years in the industry as a stylist, Jameela has found a passion with Natural hair in it’s many forms. She avoids using any unnatural chemicals that compromise or change the natural texture of hair, such as relaxers and keratin treatments.
Specializing in textured cuts, twist, curls and protective styles that enhances texture while allowing low maintenance daily work; Jameela LOVES to mold and shape the hair to fit and frame each individual client.

“This is our hair, this is not rocket science. This is art. We are Art’’. After many encounters with clients who suffer from curl envy, Jameela came up with #EmbraceYourShrinkage. #EmbraceYourShrinkage celebrates using shrinkage to our advantage by allowing it to help mold curls into the perfect shape and linking that same concept to life. “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. Not saying lemons are bad alone”. In 2018, she soft launched BelleAmore Organic Beauty Hair and Body cosmetics which promotes healthy and natural skin and hair care.

Jameela uses her platform to promote self-enlightenment, self-love, truth and the celebration of organic and authentic beauty in all forms. BelleAmore Organic Beauty extracts the artistry from all situations that helped mold us into the wonderful masterpieces of today and forever more. This is our story and it starts from the Head Down.