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Frequently asked questions

What are the best ways to book an appointment for hair services?
The best way to book a hair appointment is via the booking app (booksy). Clients can also call to book appointments. Online is preferred.
Is my card charged when booking my appointment?
No. When securing an appointment, the card on file is not charged unless the appointment is canceled less then 24hours before scheduled service.
The booking app is not allowing me to schedule for the future date that I’m seeking to book for service. What should I do?
Booksy allows clients to book one month prior to their desired date. In the case that you want to book out farther then a month I suggest you call to book over the phone or simply wait until the desired date is a month out.
What product line do you use in the salon?
I use a mixture of products in the salon. I am not sold to any one product line. I use my favorites from lines such as StraightRequest, Nairobi, Monae and last but not least BelleAmore hair and body cosmetics.
I have questions and concerns about my hair. How can You help with this?
I always suggest consultations before hair services. This can be done days before services or 15 mins before service the day of appointment. Consultations are complementary so take advantage of that offer.
I have a color on my hair, BUT I want to go lighter. What should I book?
When lightening or coloring hair that is already colored the service is automatically considered a color correction. Book for a color correction. The first hour or two is included in the price any additional hours are 30 dollars.
I referred a friend, what kind of discount do I receive if any?
When referring a friend both Parties receive $15 off services once the service is complete.
Should I bring cash or card to pay for services?
Cash or card is accepted Mastercard and visa.

salon policies


Appointments can be cancelled up to 24 hours before the scheduled service time. If appointments are cancelled less then 24 hours before the scheduled service time, a 50% charge will be added to the card that is on file.

All phone calls for appointments must be made during days of operation. Calls will not be taken on Mondays or afterhours. All calls received after hours will be sent to voicemail unless they were originally made during salon hours.

Salon Rules

Outside products cannot or will not be used under any circumstances unless they are doctor prescribed.

Children are not allowed in the salon studio unless they are being serviced.

Conference calls are welcomed for working clients at your own risk. Music will not be muted.

Late Arrival Policy

Clients are given a 15 minute grace period. If you will be more than 15 minutes late, I ask that you call the number listed as soon as possible. I will try my best to accommodate you or reschedule the appointment to a later date.