Embrace Your Shrinkage

January 22, 2019

By: Jameela Pitts

If shrinkage was a person it would be that super nerdy kid that no one wants to sit by in the cafeteria.      Shrinkage would be that one cheerleader who is the base for all the stunts but never gets to be a flyer. Shrinkage is that underrated artist who barely gets any radio play or last but not least shrinkage is that one song you skipped later to find out it was FYE.

Nobody likes reduction unless we are talking about debt (AMEN). When discussing reduction in the length of our hair, things can go left QUICK.  Most people don’t want shrinkage; everyone starts researching ways to “elongate” the hair strands by using manipulation, products, or stretch methods.  The length is sacred; they say it’s the GLORY.

Meanwhile, back at the castle, I’m loving it like the golden arches.

You see shrinkage is dope in my opinion, it identifies with an entire nation of people.  I’m a scorpio and an artist; I have an interesting perspective on my dear friend shrinkage that takes it a little past the surface. Here are five reasons why you should #Embraceyourshrinkage:

  1. When we experience shrinkage, our hair can be worn in multiple ways. It can be worn short or it can be stretched out giving us a larger variety of styles to choose from both long and short.
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  1. Hair that experiences shrinkage has elasticity and that means the bonds in the hair strands are not damaged. This is always good! Nobody wants their “stretch” to come from damage.
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  1. When hair has good elasticity and curl, which may introduce you to my good friend “SHRINKAGE,” it gives AMAZING TEXTURE that other types of hair just can’t experience. Your own authentic look!  You unique girl or boy…
Image result for texture style on kinky hair




  1. Get creative, stretch out some of the hair and leave some of the hair shrunken, give yourself the ability to create different shapes without cutting the hair or making any long term commitment. Your hair is dating styles basically. (The ladies below actually have long hair, our good friend shrinkage allowed them to try these styles out.)


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  1. Because it’s your hair. As simple as that it belongs to you, it was designed for you and it is yours. That alone should be enough reason to love, celebrate, and #EMBRACEYOURSHRINKAGE
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So there, those are my top five reasons to embrace your shrinkage! In a world where hair envy is at an all time high HONEY, you are winning.  Shape and mold that hair into you own masterpiece!

So to get a little deep because I just wouldn’t be me if I didn’t (lol) the concept, Embrace your shrinkage, can also be use in reference to our everyday lives and journeys. Sometimes in life we come to points where we feel less then or reduced. These moments are not totally ideal and can seem extremely unbearable just like dealing with our hair.  These situations can help mold and shape us into exactly who we need to be. So handle yourself with care, be creative, be optimistic and embrace that part of the journey because it is indeed, Beautiful!