Winter Maintenance

January 22, 2019

What your hair needs this winter……

By: Jameela Pitts

Ladies it never fails. Every winter I receive an influx of clients complaining about the changes that are occurring to their hair and believe me...They aren’t lying. Winter has a way of making the hair feel hard and less hydrated than the previous summer months. WHY is this? This happens because the cold and dry winter air pulls the moisture from the hair leaving it brittle and weak. How can we fix this?


Here are some simple yet efficient ways to keep hair both moisturized and hydrated during the colder months.

  1. STEAM Treatments: Help to hydrate hair from within the hair strand. Giving curls life and strength as well as making the natural hair journey much more enjoyable.
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  1. Thicker hair creams: Lock in the moisture and give a protective layer around the hair. Two of my favorites are the Cream De La Crème and Belle Butter by BelleAmore .  I suggest product that contain more shea butters and coconut oil (for some).

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  1. Gentle Shampoos: During this time we want to make sure that we do not over shampoo the hair. A gentle moisturizing shampoo should do the job. Shampoo once every two weeks but make sure that the scalp is CLEAN. The scalp is the foundation!   
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  1. Protective Styling: May be the best move to put the hair AWAY. Find a convenient style that is great for longevity,  scalp access and lifestyle.  




  1. Wear a Bonnet to help prevent against random breakage to the hair.
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Follow these simple directions and I promise you that you will see some new and better results. You will officially be on the right track to BOMB winter hair with more Shine and moisture.  Remember beauty starts from within so be sure to drinks lots of water and stay hydrated that makes a huge difference as well. Don’t be discouraged y’all.

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